The Sawmill
Studio Sawmill is situated at the Sawmill quay in Utrecht, Netherlands. This quay is named after Sawmill ‘De Haas’ (the rabbit), witch was situated in the area until 1847.  In that year, the sawmill has been demolished. The impressive mill that now can be seen at the end of the street was build in 1913 and still functions as grain mill. At the ground floor a biological butcher is established.

The quay
Quay means ‘street near water’. The houses at the quay are built between 1908 and 1911. The word quay indicates that the houses were at that time established at the water: the ‘Zwarte Water’ (black water), a drainage from de city of Utrecht. Due tot the inconvenience of rats, this drainage is filled up in 1964. The only rats that now can be found in the street are those immortalized in the concrete sculpture in the park. The green area was laid out in 1965, with al kinds of trees that blossom beautifully in spring (April-May). The houses on the Zaagmolenkade look out on Willem-Arntsz quay (in the old days on the other side of the water). These houses where build in the 30’s of this last century for employees of the Nationale Spoorwegen (national railway company). The builders used the same stones as the stones that were used for the monumental headquarters of the national railway company at the Moreelse Park near the modern Central Station. The same architect was responsible for both projects.

At this time, the Zaagmolenkade is a very tranquil street with a minimum of traffic: it’s a one way street, used only by residents. And yet it is so close to the city centre. In this way the dazzling and energetic ambiance of the city combines well with the relaxed atmosphere in the neighbourhood.