About us

Welcome at Studio Sawmill! We; Jeroen, Marije and our daughters Teuntje (Nov ’09) and Roosje (Nov ’11, not on the picture) wish you a nice stay at the apartment.

About Marije van Zomeren and Jeroen van der Vlies

Marije and Jeroen started and run Studio Sawmill together.Marije also develops sustainable tourism resorts. Situated in the rainforest of Africa, the “Hacienda’s” of Costa Rica and more countries in the world. Her company is called 100% Zomer (100% Summer; www.100procentzomer.nl). ¬†Jeroen van der Vlies is also an organisational¬†psychologist and advises individuals and companies on career coaching and leadership development from his company Bureau Scherp (www.scherp.biz).